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Valentines Preschool Theme in Action!

Your Beginner Friendly Shortcut That Will Help You Accomplish a Big Goal

Get Instant Access to the PDF file, including:

13 Preschool Themes

Winter Theme

Valentines Preschool Theme

St. Patrick's Day Preschool Theme

And, more!

Print out instantly and accomplish your goal of making it a great month (12 months in total) throughout the year!

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"Want to teach your child/student using engaging theme based lesson plans?
These popular preschool themes are for you...

Basing a theme around a lesson plan encourages learning in a fun AND meaningful way!

 Children will be able to associate the meaning of what they are learning with a theme.

How so? They associate that specific theme (season, holiday) to their world and in turn retain that knowledge better and in a more effective way.  

Save time and frustration with our ready and done for you thematic units.

The preschool years are a perfect time to incorporate new themes and fun projects. 

These activity packs are great ideas to add to any preschool learning activities you have brought forth. 

This doesn't have to be a replacement to any preschool curriculum that is set forth. 

In fact, we use these preschool education themes along side many of our preschool lessons. 

These fun themes are a boost that can also be taken on the go or while on vacation.

What a fun time it will be to incorporate these amazing themes and create children's books out of them that are filled with a lot of questions that involve learning through play.

I hope you enjoy some of the best preschool themes that will work year round.

Preschool theme ideas that can be reused over and over again with your students and young children.

Here is one of our favorite themes:

Christmas Preschool Theme in Action below!

Preschool Themes Bundle
Thematic Units made for you

Every preschool themed PDF includes 

  • letter recognition
  • preschool math
  • shapes and colors
  • number recognition
  • fun hands on matching activities
  • fun activities
  • basic early learning skills for preschoolers, and more..

Our preschool lesson plans and busy book printables are beautiful, thoughtfully created, and filled with engaging preschool activities that can be used throughout the year.

Here are the popular themes you'll get: 

  • Winter Preschool Themes
  • Valentines Preschool Theme
  • St. Patricks Day Preschool Theme
  • Easter Preschool Theme
  • Earth Day Preschool Theme
  • Spring Preschool Theme
  • Ice Cream Preschool Theme
  • Summer Preschool Theme
  • Back to School Preschool Theme
  • Fall Preschool Theme
  • Halloween Preschool Theme
  • Thanksgiving Preschool Theme
  • Christmas Preschool Theme

Thats 13 Fun Preschool Themes that can be used throughout the year!!

I'll also be including our latest busy book preschool themes: 

  • Fine Motor Skills Busy Book
  • Unicorn Preschool Theme
  • Beginning Sounds Busy Book
  • All about Colors Preschool Theme 

Step by Step Action Plan

Step by step action plan. Included is a preschool theme for each month/ time of year, each season of the year and additional preschool themes that make learning a lot of fun AND the benefits - fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, hand muscle strength, scissor skills practice... the list goes on!

Quick and Easy

Quick and easy. These preschool themes can be used in literacy and math centers, homeschooling, on the go - airplane, road trip, waiting at a restaurant. Pull out the sheets your LO is working on and you are set! 

Effective ways and New ideas - make learning fun by setting out daily activities in conjunction with the thematic units - sensory activities, art projects, life cycles, dramatic play or pretend play, social studies, circle time, sensory play, nursery rhymes and more!

Exact Process we Used

Exact process to teach the basic skills of early learning for preschoolers in a fun, themed and engaging way. 

Easily pull these out each year with current and/or new students for learning through the seasons, months of the year and more! 

Holiday Themes - we love including themes for the specific time of the year. If you are a preschool teacher, this is a great way to bring forth a next preschool theme each month of the year in your preschool classroom.

Readily Made and Done for You

Readily made and done for you. Plug and play, print and go for the entire month - no prep is required if choose to teach by pointing and learning. However, I recommend prepping the themed activities for matching + learning because they are loaded with age-appropriate activities, skills and benefits.

This Printable is Powerful

What customers are saying...

"This one was perfect and hit so many different concepts!"

My 3 year old LOVES busy books! Thank you!


"My students loved it!"

I will always recommend these binders and am always so impressed with AL's binders! The Christmas spin on it is adorable!


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Why I created Preschool Themes

"I just want to help the world be a more beautiful place"

Tam Cuba
Hi, I'm happy you are here! My name is Tam (Tammi). I am a mom of two sweet little girls. I am very passionate about teaching my littles, building them up mentally and emotionally, as well as all things play based and play to learn! My girls love the preschool themes, printables and busy books I create for them. I am so happy to finally be sharing them with you! Happy Learning :) 
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Special Limited Bonus!

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110 Words Printable in Action Below!

Bonus #1: First 110 Words and First 126 Words
If the idea of teaching colors and words confuses you or seems like hard work - then, this is exactly for you! I've made it simple for you - matching activities!

70 pages

Readily made for you print and go printables for a fun and engaging color preschool theme.

Step by step instructions for learning colors and words with these matching sheets. For little learners, just point and learn. For more advanced learners, cut out the pieces and match them to their correct sheet. 

Avoid the frustration of not knowing how to even begin teaching colors. No prep required. However, if choose to prep, minimal prep involved. 

This is one of our favorite activities to bring forth and is so much fun for younger children.

You can only get this bonus here! 

Preschool Busy Book in Action Below!

Bonus #2: Preschool Activities Printable

If we had to choose ONE preschool product that includes the basic skills of early learning for preschoolers - this is it!

59 pages

Our most popular all in one preschool themed PDF busy book. All your's FREE as a bonus.

An effective preschool book for on the go, whether on vacation or waiting at a restaurant.. take it on the go and keep your littles busy, having fun and learning. 

Practice some of the basic skills of early learning (colors, alphabet, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, printable science experiments such as plant life cycle and more..) all packed into one preschool theme PDF that can be used over and over again with your students and children each year! 

You can only get this bonus here! 

Short Vowel Printable in Action Below!

Bonus #3: Alphabet Short Vowel File Folder Game

How do you even get started teaching your little to read? Here is one step and it is a BIG one - practice letter sounds, specifically vowel letter sounds. Why? Because there is one vowel in every word and THIS is the beginning step for pre-reading skills. No more using a bulletin board. These are great for on the go, on vacation, special events, on a field trip, while waiting at a restaurant.. Of course, we do not advise taking these sheets to a special event or field trip, but these sheets can literally be taken almost anywhere. :) 

5 pages to include in a file folder!

Short vowels are the basis and foundation needed for pre-reading skills. In this PDF you'll get the short vowel letters A, E, I, O, U and images that go along with these vowel sounds packed into this printable set for a fun learning experience.

Print and go, add them within a preexisting busy book, or use as is for learning the vowel sounds. 

Easily insert the sheets within a file folder or busy book for practicing vowel sounds in a systematic and easy way that can be taken on the go or used even when you are right at home!

You can only get this bonus here! 

Additional Bonus Offer #4 & 5 : Beginning Sounds and Unicorn Printable

Have a Unicorn Lover? Here's an all in one set of play activities for learning some of the basic skills for preschoolers with the unicorns! It is a great time and so much fun for including in your weekly theme. I'll also be including a coloring sheet matching busy book for learning and matching beginning letter sounds!

44 pages!

Put distractions to the side by utilizing these matching activities for preschool in a fun unicorn preschool theme! 

Never wonder about the next step you need to take to incorporate a simple and effective pre-reading skills busy book. This is exactly you need to color, match and have fun all while learning! Yay for play based learning (aka color based learning!) 

One of the best ways we have found in using these is within a homeschool setting, school setting, while on vacation, at a restaurant waiting for food, on a train, on a road trip... on the go anywhere. 

You can only get this bonus here! 

Additional Bonus Offer #6 & 7: Colors Preschool Printable and Fine Motors Printable

This is the cure for a simple no prep set of printable sheets you can easily and quickly insert within a binder. Note: The color preschool theme printable does include an extra step for matching if you choose to match the color items, but pointing and learning will work too - print and go! 

80 pages!

Learn all about colors in this fun and engaging REAL IMAGES printable. Real images is the way to go when it comes to learning colors because it applies the real world in learning about colors. I've included a matching set if you choose to add a little prep. Great to use on the go!

Easy hands on learning fine motor skills busy book PDF that includes mazes, swirls and twirls for working on those hand muscles, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills! Each sheet includes an educational concept to it as well. 

Easily and effortlessly insert the preschool theme sheets within a binder or folder to use each year with your students over and over again.

If you reached the bottom of this post and list of bonuses, thank you. Here's my promise to you: 

You can only get this bonus here! 

Here's everything you're getting instantly...
Everything you need to make the school year an epic one filled with preschool themes year round!

Preschool Themes: Year round preschool thematic bundle pack ($91 value)

Beginning Sounds Busy Book PDF: Practice pre-reading skills with this beginning sound coloring unit ($7 value)

Unicorn Preschool Theme: Learn with the unicorns in this fun preschool theme busy book unit. ($7 value)

All about Colors Preschool Theme: Learn about colors on the go! ($7 value)

Fine Motor Skills Busy Book: Practice pre-writing skills with this epic fine motor skills unit. ($10 value)

Bonus #1: First 200+ Words Preschool Printable ($14 value)

Bonus #2: Preschool Learning Folder PDF ($7 value)

Bonus #3: Alphabet Vowel File Folder Game ($7 value)

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Winter Theme in Action Below!

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This was a great resource during winter break. The parents stated that they stayed engaged ~ Barb White

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    I'm putting my best foot forward, giving you something of value for a no brainer price. I want to earn your trust so you can achieve your goals - and if you need any further help along the way, I'll be there to help you!
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  • What Themes are included again?
    Every theme included:

    - Winter
    - Valentines day
    - St. Patrick's Day
    - Easter
    - Earth Day
    - Spring
    - Summer
    - Ice Cream
    - Back to School
    - Fall
    - Halloween
    - Thanksgiving
    - Christmas

    + 8 bonuses!! :)
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